How Do I Sign Up For A Class?

Sign up is easy! Go to the Schedule page and follow the directions. You can sign up for one of our monthly membership plans, or purchase individual classes.

Alternatively, our friendly staff will be happy to help you sign up in our studio or over the phone.

Dress The Part...

Choose attire that allows you to breathe, bend and stretch. Smart choices include stretch pants, yoga pants, leggings and tank tops. Fitted clothing is helpful so the teacher can assess your form.

Leave big dangly jewelry at home or in your bag. . 

For Pilates Reformer, we require socks. We recommend ones with the sticky grip on the bottom. Need some? We have many to choose from for purchase.

No strong perfumes or lotions. Some people are allergic and the oils can stain the equipment.

Do I need to bring a Mat for Pilates or Yoga? 

We provide thick Mats which are suitable for both Pilates and Yoga, but if you wish to bring your own, please feel free to do so.

Why choose the Reformer?

The machines give you full body resistance training, much like a weightlifting routine, but don’t bulk you up. The Reformer lengthens and strengthens, while using spring coil resistance.

I Have Never Done Pilates, Should I Take A Private Session First?

We recommend either taking one or more private sessions until you feel comfortable. However, depending on your general fitness level and athleticism, you can most likely jump right into an All Levels class.

Most new students do just fine in their first class. If you have chronic back pain, painful joints or a severe medical condition, please make sure your doctor has given you the go-ahead before undertaking any new physical activity. Please alert the instructor to any injuries/ concerns prior to class. The instructor will typically inquire beforehand if any student has an injury or concern.

Reservation Cancellation Policy on Reformers

Like you, we hate policies. But as a business that’s based on respecting our members’ time, we needed this one.  We have a limited number of machines, so if you cancel at the last minute, that’s a spot that could’ve gone to someone else. We simply ask that you cancel your space 24 hours in advance. Respecting the policy respects our teachers’ time, and allows others to take your spot in the class. We thank you ahead for your consideration

Why are some classes 45 minutes long instead of 55 minutes?

The 45 minute class is meant to be a fast-paced, energetic class focused on movements and exercises which challenge the body.  Whether you are on your lunch hour or just short on time, this class will provide an invigorating and challenging workout, with no down time.

Classes and Packages expire within 3 months of purchase date.

Packages are non refundable and non transferable.