“Jean’s classes are always energetic and fun.  Jean engages the client and before I know it, the class is over and I completed a great workout.”

­-Bree Schiff

"I absolutely love working with Jean on the Pilates apparatus. Although I have a torn meniscus, Jean was able to work with me to strengthen my knee.  She was always careful with how much resistance to add when doing leg work and paid special attention to my form. The classes are challenging, and I could see progress quickly, especially in my core.  I could never hold a plank more than 15 seconds.  Now I can plank for almost 2 minutes.  Pilates makes you strong!!!  Jean will make you want to keep coming back for more.”

-Eileen Hansen

"Jean is an awesome Instructor! I highly recommend her! She is outgoing and easy to talk to! She is very knowledgeable in anatomy. She understands the body and how to create your optimal you! Jean loves her job and it shows! She is always keeping herself current with her own Pilates practice!"

-Noelle I.

"Really makes working out fun. Has great enthusiasm and very knowledgeable. Wants to help you achieve your goals and really takes interest in you."


"Jean shares her expertise in a warm and consistent manner when teaching. Jean pays attention to each client and is encouraging. Her classes are quite effective!"

-Ve J


About Us


Jean Chen Smith is a marathon runner who came to find Pilates after a serious running injury nine years ago. Pilates allowed her to build strength and eventually return to long distance running.

While commuting to and working in New York full-time as a Buyer in the fashion industry, she obtained her comprehensive Mat and Apparatus teacher certifications from Balanced Body. Jean wants to share her love of Pilates with others who want to strengthen their cores, tone their bodies, recover from injury, or just want a challenging and fun workout!  After 10 years of visiting Corvallis with her husband Jason Smith, who grew up in the town, the couple decided to make the move from the East coast.  When not teaching or taking Pilates classes, Jean can be found running, writing her column for a national newspaper and spending time with family and friends as well as her dog Coco and cat Belle.


Jenn Powell

Pilates Instructor

Jenn moved to Albany, OR in December 2016. She came to live near her aging parents and her husband was able to transfer his job to the company office in Corvallis.  

When Jenn and her husband signed up for their first Pilates session in 2002, she figured it would be something they could do together that would benefit them both: he was looking to gain flexibility; she had some back pain; and they both needed core strength. Once she realized the difference it made in her body, she decided to pursue a career in Pilates to help others with their health and wellness goals.

Jenn received her Power Pilates comprehensive certification (mat+equipment) in 2008 after more than 600 hours of apprenticeship and rigorous testing, eventually opening her own fully-equipped classical studio, PilatesFun, in East Palo Alto. She frequently attends continuing education workshops and training sessions with master teachers Bob Leikens, Siri Dharma Galliano, and Moses Urbano, as well as other classically-trained teacher trainers.

For Jenn, Pilates is all about improving one’s lifestyle while having fun. Jenn’s ideal clients are “weekend warriors” and athletes, people who work hard and play hard. They want to get stronger so they don’t injure themselves, so they schedule their workouts like corporate commitments. Jenn’s clients have a tendency to be so enthusiastic and committed to what they’re learning that their time together in the studio flies.

Her style of teaching is classically-based, which means there is a rhythm and an order to the mat exercises. Once you learn the basics, you will find that the transitions and the hands-on cuing are the secret sauce to getting an even deeper and more challenging workout. 


Ellen (Ara'ti) Street


Yoga Instructor

Ellen (Ara'ti) Street was born, raised and trained in Sonoma County. She began practicing Hatha yoga in her pre-teens and as she developed as a yogi, she explored other traditions and styles such as Ashtanga, Virya, Bikram and Sahaj. Her teaching experience began soon after completing a certified 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training in 2013, through the Ananda Seva Mission where she was trained in the Sahaj system; a branch of Hatha yoga centered around Tantric philosophy. Yoga teacher training helped refine her knowledge of energetic practices, using physical asana as a pathway to powerful breath and meditation techniques. Yoga is Ellen’s favorite form of play, and this shines through her creative sequencing and lighthearted attitude to facing challenge within the practice, using physical postures to stimulate deeper connection to self. Ellen specializes in teaching balanced, therapeutic classes bridging the mind-body gap with breath and the power of conscious movement. She believes breath and mindful observation are of paramount importance in our yoga practice, serving as intrinsic guides to creating space in the body and promote healing.


Our Philosophy

While teaching Mat Pilates, Reformer, Tower and Chair apparatus, Jean has worked with clients of all skill levels and backgrounds.  From working with clients with injuries to mothers who just wanted to get into shape, as well as young teenagers, Jean’s philosophy begins with the individual.  It is her belief that no one program fits every single person – modifications as well as tailoring a workout to the individual is the key to success.  Jean loves the energy of a Group Mat and Reformer class since it creates a dynamic and engaging environment for her clients.

The Boutique

The Boutique contains lovingly curated items that relate back to health, fitness and fashion.  You will find brands such as Nux, Onzie and Belle Force activewear along with fun beauty products and special items for your home.