“Jean’s classes are always energetic and fun.  Jean engages the client and before I know it, the class is over and I completed a great workout.”

­-Bree Schiff

"I absolutely love working with Jean on the Pilates apparatus. Although I have a torn meniscus, Jean was able to work with me to strengthen my knee.  She was always careful with how much resistance to add when doing leg work and paid special attention to my form. The classes are challenging, and I could see progress quickly, especially in my core.  I could never hold a plank more than 15 seconds.  Now I can plank for almost 2 minutes.  Pilates makes you strong!!!  Jean will make you want to keep coming back for more.”

-Eileen Hansen

"Jean is an awesome Instructor! I highly recommend her! She is outgoing and easy to talk to! She is very knowledgeable in anatomy. She understands the body and how to create your optimal you! Jean loves her job and it shows! She is always keeping herself current with her own Pilates practice!"

-Noelle I.

"Really makes working out fun. Has great enthusiasm and very knowledgeable. Wants to help you achieve your goals and really takes interest in you."


"Jean shares her expertise in a warm and consistent manner when teaching. Jean pays attention to each client and is encouraging. Her classes are quite effective!"

-Ve J

About Us


Jean Chen Smith is a marathon runner who came to find Pilates after a serious running injury nine years ago. Pilates allowed her to build strength and eventually return to long distance running.

While commuting to and working in New York full-time as a Buyer in the fashion industry, she obtained her comprehensive Mat and Apparatus teacher certifications from Balanced Body. Jean wants to share her love of Pilates with others who want to strengthen their cores, tone their bodies, recover from injury, or just want a challenging and fun workout!  After 10 years of visiting Corvallis with her husband Jason Smith, who grew up in the town, the couple decided to make the move from the East coast.  When not teaching or taking Pilates classes, Jean can be found running, writing her column for a national newspaper and spending time with family and friends as well as her dog Coco and cat Belle.

Liz Hoffmann


Liz in her own words:

I came to yoga when I was just 18 years old and it has been a steady companion to my life ever since. I came to teacher training in 2013, after five years of practice, and I have been hooked on teaching yoga since then. My style is influenced by my experiences and I believe that yoga is a chance to spend time with yourself. I practice breathing exercises and awareness, self-study, compassion, non-judgement, and humor in all my classes. Yoga is about learning the microcosm of the body is the macrocosm of the Universe. If we understand ourselves, we can better understand those around us and whatever they may be going through. Through meditation and breathing, the movement of yoga is uniting, it's meaning, "to yoke together" implies the community we find in the yoga room, the support and the simple uniting of our consciousness with our bodies and breaths. 
I want to share yoga with those who are trying to improve their health and understanding of their own bodies and quirks. I have suffered with mental maladies and physical maladies that yoga has been an aid in resolving for me over the years and I use that wisdom to expand my practice and what I can pass along to benefit others.
Having coped with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-destructive behaviors, toxic interpersonal relationships, and now recently an illness that comes with chronic pain, I have learned many different stress management skills that have been cultivated with my yoga practice. I try to equip those who come to my class room with a sense of empowerment about their practice and their bodies. I aim to restore to every person true autonomy and comfort in their own skin. We deserve to be as at home in our bodies as possible and being at peace with ourselves as well as understanding are key components to healthy living.
I always aim to learn from my students as much as possible. Yoga is a circular practice, always sharing. Namaste


Our Philosophy

While teaching Mat Pilates, Reformer, Tower and Chair apparatus, Jean has worked with clients of all skill levels and backgrounds.  From working with clients with injuries to mothers who just wanted to get into shape, as well as young teenagers, Jean’s philosophy begins with the individual.  It is her belief that no one program fits every single person – modifications as well as tailoring a workout to the individual is the key to success.  Jean loves the energy of a Group Mat and Reformer class since it creates a dynamic and engaging environment for her clients.

Love your Body...

Love your Workout...

Love your Community

Whatever your shape or size, man or woman, all are welcome in our space.  Studio Cloud 9 was created out of the idea that we CAN find our Perfect Cloud 9, or state of euphoria, right here on earth.  It begins by cherishing and respecting our bodies and doing more of the things we love. The last piece of the puzzle is loving our Community - coming to the studio as if we are old friends, saying hello. Stay awhile and connect with others who have the same passion for health and fitness as you do.

The Boutique

The Boutique contains lovingly curated items that relate back to health, fitness and fashion.  You will find brands such as Nux, Onzie and Belle Force activewear along with fun beauty products and special items for your home.